Funny Plumbing Jokes

While it is no joke to be in the midst of a plumbing emergency especially during the colder winter months enduring water leaks or bursts or facing a cold shower because the hot water system is on the blink…

There is a funny side to plumbing and we hope to bring a smile to your day with the following plumbing jokes or plumbing fails on offer blow:

I told my wife the truth. I told her I was seeing a psychiatrist. Then she told me the truth: that she was seeing a psychiatrist, two plumbers, and a bartender.

Did you hear about the Jedi who gave up all his training to become a plumber?

He went over to the Darkside of the faucet.

Why shouldn’t you play poker with a plumber?

A good flush beats a full house every time

What vegetables do plumbers hate?


What do you call a room full of cynical plumbers?

A skeptic tank

“A plumber is the only per­son who can take a leak while they fix a leak!”

Even when your plumbing emergency is no laughing matter - be assured that Phil is on call 24/7 and able to provide emergency support and assistance whether it be a burst mains, gas leak or other plumbing issue.

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