New Septic Tanks (Full Installations)

Septic Tank Installations (NEW)

Deep excavations no problems using our excavator and installing sewer and underfloor waste pipe work along with septic tank installations is now a breeze.

Wilkinson Plumbing and Gas can now supply and install our lightweight, but very heavy duty septic tank riser and lid systems.

These units will fit ANY septic tank at ANY depth and are completely sealed so no more nasty smells hanging around the home.

Save hours of laborious and strenuous digging trying to locate the buried septic tank. Then the work of having to dig down to expose the lid...

Using our latest CCTV camera set up, we can locate the septic tank, excavate and expose the lid.

We then arrange for Mount Compass Liquid Waste to pump out the tank.

We will fit a new saddle riser and lid on your tank with the new lid at ground level you’ll never have to dig for it again.

Pooey, pooey, poo. Gee, I smell you. It’s time to take a bath now.



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